Hiking trails on Affi lande

Affi lande has an easy hiking trail with breathing views and varies from 1 hour to 5 hours, depending on the route. If you hike to the water tunnels and dam, the hike will be longer.
You can hike, bike or run the trail .

Our trail wanders over the mountain, pass the Bergkerk and Rebel memorial and circle back through the woods. You can also hike to the water tunnels that is 5km away and is one of the Eastern Free state's secret gems and a nature wonder. This is where the Boer women and children hid during the war. 

You have the choice to go up the mountain and visit the cave where the Rebels hid in 1914, cool off in one of the natural rock pools on top of the mountain, or skip the mountain and go through the woods back to the Finish sign.